Two Step Those Pesky Fire Ants!

In April, the common areas in the HOA will be treated for fire ants.  So the ants do not move and take up residence in your yard, now would be a good time for you to join with the landscape maintenance contractor and your neighbors to use the Texas Two Step Method for fire ant control.  By everyone treating at the same time, the fire ant population will be reduced in your neighborhood and you will not have to cohabitate with these pests.

Now let’s talk about the Texas Two Step Method.  No, I am not referring to the dance.  I do not recommend dancing or stomping on any fire ant bed.  The ants always win!  But if you use the Texas Two-Step method of control, you will no longer need to watch every step as you walk and work in your yard and garden and it will prevent mounds around your foundation where ants can enter your home. 

Fire ants start to become active in the spring when temperatures warm to 65 degrees and during periods of heavy rain to protect their beds.  Once temperatures warm, ants start building beds, foraging for food and producing young.  Purchase your control materials now so you can Texas Two Step with the Ants.

Texas Two Step Method for fire ant control - First step, apply a product containing a food source and an insecticide.  Spread the bait over the entire yard and the ant workers will carry the bait back to the mounds.  Second step, treat individual mounds that remain active.  Be sure to turn off irrigation system and avoid rainy weather during application.

For additional information and product recommendations, refer to the information provided by the Texas A & M Cooperative Extension Service.